Natural Chocolate 70% cocoa beans Forastero

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Chocolate natural bar handmade, Forastero

Try the taste of natural chocolate 60% cocoa.

Tile of natural dark chocolate, 70% cocoa (70% cocoa means that chocolate is made exclusively from cocoa beans by 70%, sugar 30%), the weight of the tile is 90 g (+/- 5 g).

Make chocolate according to the principle from bean to bar.

Composition of handmade chocolate:

Cocoa mass, cocoa butte, sugar

Shelf life: 6months. Store at 18 ° C. At relative humidity of air no more than 75%.

Cocoa beans are roasted and crushed to the state of cocoa grains, then the grits are ground in a melanger, after the obtained cocoa mass tempering.

Individual orders are accepted for the production of this natural dark (bitter) chocolate, the percentage of cocoa can be changed at the request of the customer.

At purchases from 3 kg, the discount is 10%.

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